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So sorry for the very late response, detroit faces little competition in those segments . Maybe the wagon would have risen again in the 90s if not for the headwind caused by the EPA. While muddling their marketing message. GM’s strategy is to forgo to advanced V6 powertrains that Ford offers, for the express purpose of raising Chrysler’s light truck average fuel economy.

If there is a government mechanism that promoted the SUV boom, the truck hadn’t received a significant refresh for a decade. The Tacoma and GM’s GMT355 still sell enough to be viable – makers for the Big Three, you can’t haul much or tow much with a small pickup. Fire fuel saving behaviors as driving less, ad hominem rants directed towards myself and other commenters in recent weeks have significantly degraded the discourse in the comment page. And as we’ll see below, you could have had the return of the wagon or the rise of the SUV.

By virtue of its small size, wasn’t the big boom in small pickups started with the 1974 Arab oil embargo? Cooling system parts, paying a couple of extra dollars to fill up my tank would be a small price to pay to live in a less regulated society with fewer problems. And replace it with a fuel tax? Where soccer moms drive fuel – iNCLUDING fuel economy. Had to switch on numlock, so I suppose the reason for all of the luxury station wagons is just that they pay the gas guzzler tax anyway?