Online Documents Library Free download ebook and owner manual in PDF. 1991 ford f150 repair manual pdf online and download for free. Here is a great set of instructions for the installation of a GM front wheel hub bearing assembly.

One of our customers submitted this for us to show to the public. Hopefully anyone thinking about tackling this job will find these helpful. You may have access to the axle nut without removing the wheel. Jack up vehicle and support properly. We know you know, but be very careful. You should always put a jack stand under the vehicle and use that to supprt the vehicle, not the jack.

Also you should also use wheel ckocks to prevent the vehicle from accidentally rolling. If you are doing do-it-yourself repairs often, it is wise to buy good quality tools and equipment. This can help get the job done quicker and certainly safer. Remove lug nuts using 19mm socket. Remove 2 caliper mounting bolts using a 15mm socket.

Do not let it hang from rubber brake hose. Remove 2 caliper mount bolts using 15mm socket Set caliper mount aside. Remove brake rotor by sliding it off and set aside. NOTE: If the brake rotor has never been removed, their may be 2 small screws or retainers holding it in place.

Remove these and the rotor will slide off. If it is stuck, you can lightly tap it with a hammer. Remove 3 hub mounting bolts using 13mm socket. These are located on the inside of the steering knuckle next to the outer CV boot. 8’s drive ratchet with swivel and extension is best for this. Also if you are having trouble, look closely at how you have it jacked up. You may be able to reposition the jack and change the angle of the axle.

If you have it jacked up under the control arm, you still have the suspension compressed. Unhook and then unplug the ABS sensor. Be careful to make sure the axle splines are free from the hub. Once you have the axle nut off you should be able to push the axle in towards the engine with the bottom of the palm of your hand. If it is stuck, you can rethread the axle nut 1-2 threads, then place the socket back on and tap it with a hammer.

This is mainly to assure the axle does nte get pulled out while pulling off the hub. Clean mounting area with a wire brush so new hub slides on easily. Make sure their is no rust or material that may cause the hub to not sit flush. Use thread locker on the 3, 13mm mounting bolts and tighten. GM recommends replacing these bolts every time they are removed. This is because the torque can be affected by re-using the bolts. Hook up the new sensor plug.

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