There are many good bread Instructables already, but when making bread, you can never have too many fail-safe techniques, and this recipe works almost every time. DOWNLOAD A FREE 4 hour work week pdf full OF THIS ARTICLE. I like to throw it together while snacking on lunch, and then when I get home after school it is ready to throw in the oven. My recipe differs from most no-knead recipes in that you do not drop it it into a heated pan.

Pyrex dishes shattered on me when I accidentally set the edge of it on a wet washcloth. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and the resulting mouthwatering delicious bread. To make good bread, you need good flour. This allows the loaf to have good structure and texture. You can cut cheaper white flour with bread flour if you don’t have enough of either. If you are in Germany, type 550 flour works well.

I use yeast from a Polish market. While you can buy Fleischmann’s yeast from the supermarket, it is really expensive, especially in packets. If you have access to an Eastern European or Balkan market, often they sell 1lb bags of yeast for just a few dollars, a huge savings over the grocery store stuff. You need a small spoonful, the amount is not critical. I use sea salt, but you can use any kind of salt. Salt adds flavor and slows the growth of yeast slightly. I like to put about half a spoonful in.

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