To view these manuals you will need Adobe Acrobat  Reader. You 97 jeep wrangler service manual pdf install it from this disc by clicking  here. The latest version is available on the internet  here. For Adobe Acrobat Reader enabled browsers please use the links below.

If you do not have a Adobe Reader enabled browser, open Adobe Reader and then open the files denoted below manually. Below is the location of the pdf files. Details: Effective with vehicles built after May 3, 1999 the steering dampener to tie rod attachment nuts and the tie rod and drag link adjuster sleeve clamp nuts have been changed in production. While driving the vehicle operator may identify front driveline noise, vibration or harshness which is being transmitted into the passenger compartment. Details: A squeak or squawk-like sound may be present in the front or rear suspension. Remove the bolts that attach the front stabilizer bar retainers to the frame rails. Replacement bushings are not required for 1999 – 2003 model year vehicles.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the stabilizer bar in the areas where the bushings contact the bar. Make sure that there is no foreign material or build up of rubber on the stabilizer bar. 05019061AA, to the surfaces of the stabilizer bar where each bushing is positioned when assembled to the vehicle. Thoroughly lubricate the entire inside surface of each bushing. Install each bushing to the front stabilizer bar. Install the bushing retainers and attaching bolts.

Tighten the attaching bolts to 68 ft. Details: Applies to models built prior to March 14, 1999. While driving, a noise may be noticed coming from the front propeller shaft. A driveline vibration may also be noticed.

The sound may be described as a growl, howl, or a whine. They may occur at different vehicle or engine speeds. They may also occur during different axle loading conditions i. The repair technician may erroneously diagnose this condition as a delayed transmission down shift into first gear.

These improvements entered vehicle production approximately October 30, 1999. A collapsible pinion spacer with both ends ground smooth and parallel to each other. NOTE: WHEN MAKING REPAIRS TO THE FRONT AXLE, THE FLANGED PINION GEAR NUT IS TO BE ASSEMBLED TO THE PINION GEAR AND YOKE WITHOUT A WASHER. THE FLANGED PINION NUT REPLACES BOTH THE OLD STYLE PINION NUT AND THE PINION GEAR WASHER. THE OLD PINION GEAR WASHER IS LOCATED BEHIND AND NEXT TO THE OLD STYLE PINION NUT. The sound may be more noticeable once the vehicle powertrain components have reached normal operating temperatures. Details: THIS BULLETIN APPLIES TO VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH A 4.

7L ENGINE BUILT BEFORE NOVEMBER 16, 1999. Description: This bulletin involves the replacement of the front propshaft, axle yoke, and transfer case yoke. Details: Applies to vehicles equipped with a 4. 0L engine, A four wheel drive system, and built prior to Dec 15 2000. 1x 05019624AA Yoke, Front axle pinion. 1x 05017755AA Nut, Front Axle pinion. 2x J3240553 Strap, Front axle yoke.