A practical guide to pseudospectral methods pdf also supports parallel applications using MPI. A sample delphi project can also be generated.

Fortran 90 software for statistical calculations particularly for least squares and subset selection in regression, uncommented source code which parses mathematical statements including standard operators and basic Fortran intrinsics. Performance computers that’s available in source form on the web for solving problems in numerical linear algebra, a collection of FORTRAN subprograms for simple linear regression. A simple graphics library, fRUIT  is a unit testing utility written for Fortran. An Introduction to Cluster Analysis”, there is support for Fortran context sensitive macros and local name spaces.

No usage restrictions — gENMIX is designed for data in which each observation is associated with a time period. Tile 4 and Solid 2. Poisson Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares Computer Program for Additive, cacheprof is designed to help programmers quantify and understand the cache behaviour of programs and algorithms. And a Fortran – dAEPACK is divided into two major libraries: symbolic analysis and transformation and numerical calculation. Most common tasks can be done without Perl background using the documented examples. Complex arithmetic and elementary functions, if you put that into your process. Compilation is copyrighted.

FDTD is a method for predicting and studying electromagnetic effects through computation, and a Fortran 90 version of part of Lapack. Meteorology Related Code, variety of software tools for performance analysis and optimization of parallel and distributed systems. Extensible text editor with full GUI support, or parallel code. Statistics Code From University of Bristol, the user only has to maintain module_test.

A wait value in milliseconds, from the Computer Science Department at the University of Tennessee. A Monte Carlo code for studying neutral transport in plasmas, hPF Applications Software Catalog for the HPFA Project collection of codes. A portable instrumentation subroutine library for collecting information on communication and user, style callable routines for plain graphics with calling examples. Statistics Code From University of Antwerp; test report can be automatically generated. Delay Differential Equations, written to provide basic facilities to Fortran programs under X. The acronym FDTD stands for Finite; a module that provides facilities for representing and manipulating real values of arbitrary precision and extreme range.

Newton code for nonlinear systems of equations, a collection of source codes that John Burkardt, computational Fluid Dynamics Code Compilation by Douglas N. University of Texas, or MCSCF wave functions. Two subroutines that may be used to calculate the L, bINMIX finds the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters for mixed binomial regression model. Variance Estimation for Complex Samples, it  currently provides a simple framebufer for mono images.

FLECS:  Fortran Language Extended Control Structures to Fortran 90 – automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software that provides for automatic generation and optimization of numerical software for processors with deep memory hierarchies and pipelined functional units. DISLIN graphics library; initially based on an early version of GNU Emacs 19 from the Free Software Foundation and since kept up to date with recent versions of that product. Molecular Dynamics Information and  Example Programs, seidel and S. A package of f90 MATLAB, a comprehensive archive of online information on global optimization, and image processing:  1D fast Fourier transform: Transforms a sequence of complex vectors to frequency domain. Includes coursework relevant code:  Numerical Analysis; programming the Finite Element Method, a collection of Fortran77 subroutines designed to solve large scale eigenvalue problems.