Natural Seedless varietal type and are typically dried by the sun, whether it is on paper trays or dried on the vine. Thompson seedless a raisin the sun pdf other newer cultivars such as Selma Pete, Fiesta and DOVine.

California Golden Seedless and California Dipped Seedless raisins are mechanically dried and processed. Once dried, the raisins are brought from the vineyards, stored in wooden bins, and processed as needed by having their stems and capstems removed, then sorted by size, cleaned and washed in water to assure a wholesome and safe final product. Quality control plays an important part once the raisins are at the plant. Before the raisins are taken from their bins, government inspectors use long prods to take samples from the middle of each box. Strict standards must be met to ensure each box of raisins is free of imperfections. They are poured into a hopper which feeds onto a series of conveyor belts and drums that remove any remaining stems, chaff or light weight fruit. In the California Raisins Industry Brochure, you will find the history, the varietal types, and how raisins are used today in so many applications and delicious recipes.

Click image on right for PDF of the California Raisins Industry Brochure. Depending on connection speed this file may take up to 1 minute to download. Dried fruits have been grown and dried from fresh fruits for thousands of years. Originally used in place of fresh fruits when fresh was out-of-season, dried fruits were actively traded to those countries where growing and drying conditions made these products a rare and desired commodity, especially in northern Europe.

Grapes have always been at the top of these fruits most suitable for drying and raisins continue as the number one dried fruit today. Additionally, in recent years there is a cloud swirling around processed foods with added sugar, and there are dried fruits which would be not be palatable without the addition of processed sugar. Whether you are a food manufacturer, an artisan baker or homemaker seeking to provide your family with the most wholesome foods, please carefully read all ingredient labels. Natural seedless raisins are dried by the sun, then loaded into bins for delivery to the processing plants. The raisins can either be dried on paper trays on the ground between vineyard rows or dried on the vine, and mechanically harvested once the desired level of dryness is achieved. Before they are unloaded from their bins, government inspectors take long prods to gather samples from the middle of each box. In preparation for packaging, the raisins are moved through a laser sorter.

The sorter’s light beams, along with a computer, to see if anything beside raisins is passing through the stream. If material other than a raisin is present, the computer sends a burst of air to knock it out of the stream of raisins and down a trough. California Raisins are inspected under the most rigid standards by both plant quality control technicians and USDA inspectors throughout the packaging process, thus assuring that California Raisins are the cleanest, highest quality in the world. After final inspections, raisins are automatically weighed and packed in a variety of bulk industrial and convenient retail sizes. California Raisins are then shipped throughout North America and the world for consumers to enjoy. Are there different sizes of raisins? California Raisins come in three sizes: Select, Small, and Mixed.

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