A taste of my own medicine pdf researchers have not exactly said the benefits of raw milk often cited by advocates exist only in their heads, but they’ve come pretty close. Published in Food Control Journal, the Belgian research recommends the heat treatment of milk for human consumption, especially for young children, pregnant women, and people with weakened immune systems.

The researchers say that those arguments can be refuted. Last month at two rambunctious public hearings held by the Wisconsin Senate, numerous advocates testified that raw milk offers special health benefits. Bills are pending in both Wisconsin’s Senate and General Assembly to allow the retail sale of raw milk, but since the hearings, they’ve not seen further action. The reason the bills have stalled might well be the public doubts being expressed about them by Wisconsin Republican Gov. Governors with doubts about pending bills are like wet blankets at picnics. Why take a controversial vote only to have the governor take out the veto pen? That’s what happened in 2010, the last time the Wisconsin Legislature agreed to make raw milk sales legal.

Walker may not end up being as important for the raw-milk debate as two other developments. The 22-member Raw Milk Policy Work Group, named in March 2010, came out with restrictive requirements that it said would be needed if raw-milk retail sales were ever made legal in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Safe Milk Coalition has unified the dairy and agricultural industries with public health and hospitals in a powerful coalition to block changes to milk policy that might damage people or the economy in the state. My son’s and my wife’s allergies STOPPED thanks to raw milk. However, since raw milk is so difficult to obtain and so expensive, we switched to raw, local honey, which also works. I haven’t seen a sniffle around here in at least 6 months. So, now I expect the medical authorities and the FDA to go after raw, local honey.

After all, it is competition for all kinds of things, like allergy medicine, cooked, non-local honey, other sweeteners, etc. Perhaps your wife and son’s allergies would have stopped if they’d been given sugar pills, or a witch doctor chanted over them. They became better on raw milk, but raw honey works, too. It’s wishful thinking, compounded by naivete. You don’t define what is real. You don’t define what constitutes evidence.

You don’t definite what constitutes science. What constitutes science isn’t up for debate. YOU don’t get to define what science means, either, Bachcole. And the cost of the investigation AND your illness is borne by society. You cannot infect others with food poisoning. Where do you get this rubbish? Do what is right for you and your family and ignore the rest.

I’ve talked with lots of families that have had the same experiences that you report. Science doesn’t always get it right and this is an evolving argument as many people drink raw milk without problems and many very old people still alive grew up on raw milk. Maybe the answer is that raw milk isn’t a product for mass production. People need to carefully weigh their decisions on risk.