Your Ageing of meat pdf of Restaurant: Melbourne 22 Duckboard Place, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia  T. Chefs and farmers know that happy, healthy animals taste better, which is why we use Pinnacle Certified Grassfed Beef.

Free Range, No Hormones and Antibiotic Free – GUARANTEED. The most tender cut of beef available. Carved at your table, and is enough for 2 people. Please allow 30 minutes cooking time. Fine grained, low in fat, the Sirloin is a tender steak with good flavour intensity.

Very flavoursome, juicy and tender cut from the upper rib cage between ribs 6-12. Eye Fillet and Sirloin in the one steak. This lesser known steak has long been prized by butchers for its full flavour and richness. Dry Aged Beef Sourced from Hereford cattle from our own farm, along with other British breeds of cattle from the lush pastures of Victoria and South Australia.

We hang and dry age the beef in our purpose built facility in the Adelaide Hills for a minimum of 45 days, before butchering in-house. The result is the ultimate expression of beef in terms of flavour and tenderness. Please note, Dry Aged Beef does not benefit from cooking past medium. The 700g steak is carved at your table, and is enough for 2 people. The most flavoursome cut of steak.

Coupled with the tenderising effect of dry ageing makes this our go-to steak. Experience the effects of Dry Ageing when taken out to an incredible 100 days. The flavours created when aged for this length of time are unlike any other, with extreme flavour intensity and tenderness. This wonder from Little Joe is at the global summit of grassfed beef quality. All Extreme Beef steaks come with House Made Chips and Your Choice of Sauce.

We have developed this world first product – dry aged mutton. Sourced from Dorper sheep grazed on saltbush in the pastoral regions of South Australia, we dry age it for 30 days. The result is a super tender piece of meat, packed with flavour. It’s everything you love about lamb, but tastes nothing like the mutton horror stories your parents may have mentioned. Served with our delicious house made sauce.

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