How many mantras are there all puran in bengali pdf Rigveda? The last few months have seen a significant upsurge in interest towards Vedas in the cyberspace.

Thus, Vedas seem to offer what the world needs today. A greater awe is derived from the fact that the very first texts of the mankind which elaborate on the very lessons whose surface is barely been scratched by so-called modern subjects like human-rights, gender-rights and democracy has been so immaculately preserved and protected that not only each alphabet but even its pitch remains unchanged since its inception. Supreme, or those whose blood boils at very mention of life being anything beyond a chemical reaction. Moon being split into two by a human finger some 1400 years ago’.

One old time allegation that has emerged again after a long gap is that different versions of Rigveda have different number of mantras. Earlier, the allegation was propounded by atheists or evangelists. Allah does not punish anyone merely because he or she does not believe in Him or even His book. EVEN IF that goes against the dictates of that book itself in short run. In this article, we shall analyze this allegation of different versions of Rigveda having different number of mantras and show that it does not hold any water. However we would also like to add that even if one is able to prove that there are minor aberrations in so-called different versions of Vedas, that does not make Vedic Dharma less relevant. Having said that we would like to state that our Rishis were genius enough to devise ways to protect the wisdom of Vedas in most perfect manner.

And thus, in reality there is only one version of Rigveda that exists. There may be printing or proof-reading errors in some of the published versions. But there is complete unanimity on more than 10,000 mantras of Rigveda being the same ones since ages. This is true that different scholars have enumerated different number of mantras in Rigveda.

The difference in number appears merely because in difference in calculation approach. Also note that even the verses from various branches or shakhas or Vedas are called Mantras for ease of convenience. But since Shakha represents a variation from original Veda Samhita or collection of Vedic Mantras, the verses of a shakha that differ from original Vedas are not technically Mantras. First ever authoritative book on Eternal Religion of Humanity- Hinduism! Gives a solid framework to identify fraud in name of religion and adopt only the rational and beneficial. Paada means one portion of the verse. For a shloka, each line of shloka represents one Paada.

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Now in Rigveda, there are 157 Dwipada Richas or mantras. Of these, 17 Dwipadas are Nitya Dwipada or permanent Dwipada. In Brahman texts, these mantras are used as Dwipadas during Yajnas by reciting Dwipadah Shansati. Yaska also mentions these mantras as Dwipadas in Nirukta 10. Chapter of Riksarvanukramani mentions : Dwirdwipadastvrichah Samaamananti. In simple language, during learning phase, the student should practice by making one Richa out of 2 Dwipadas or couplets.

In other words, combine 2 Dwipadas to make 1 Chatushpada. Yajna prayers, 2 Dwipadas DO NOT mean 1 Richa. For complete content of this post, you can buy copy of following Agniveer book. Simply click and order your copy. Vedas haters who are dreaming of conquering India by hook or crook!