Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through the Traditions of Africa, Ancient india map pdf and India. The book takes the student on a musical voyage through these great ancient rhythmic traditions with a series of exercises that require no instruments to perform. Interesting, imaginative and fun, these rhythm exercises will be of immense help to all musicians, useful for both home study and in the classroom. The author, Matthew Montfort, holds an M.

He has drawn on his years of study with the master musicians of Africa, Bali and India to create this world rhythm training manual. Audio Guide Tracks: Volume I: Ch. Audio Guide Tracks: Volume II: Ch. West African drum music, Balinese gamelan, and Indian tala are oral traditions.

These sound files make it possible to add the traditional element of learning by ear to the practice of the exercises from the book. The new downloads are set up for playback on Mac and PC computers, tablets, and smartphones. The MIDI groove tracks will playback in MIDI compatible web browsers. The MIDI groove tracks also make creative starting points for producing unique rhythm tracks incorporating African, Balinese, and Indian rhythms. CD-ROM set includes 115 audio guide tracks for easy playback on CD players and 128 MIDI groove tracks on a CD-ROM session for Mac or PC systems.

The new download version features all the same material in mp3 audio and MIDI file format for playback on computers, tablets, and smartphones. Download version delivers the mp3 audio guide and MIDI groove tracks in . Future Grooves: MIDI Percussion Groove Tracks from the Traditions of Africa, Bali, and India. OS: Safari can’t open local . Cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox and unzip with Documents 6, which has its own browser. Android: Open in Browser facilitates opening local .

Future Possibilities: MP3 Audio Guide Tracks. Docs” sub folder in the “ATFP_Audio_Guide_Vol_I” folder and open “Instructions. Further instruction on this material is available through private Skype lessons with the author, Matthew Montfort. The Quotes “A very useful contribution to musical scholarship. You’ve heard Afro-Pop, sitar, gamelan and world music for years. But do you know what they are and how they work? Better yet, would you like to play those twisted cross-rhythms and melodies?

Future Possibilities, Matthew Montfort, a founding member of the world music band Ancient Future, has put together the book for people who want to dig into world music with both hands. A hands-on exploration of Balinese, African, and Indian rhythms that should appeal to all musicians. One needn’t play percussion instruments, or any instruments at all, for that matter, to use and benefit from the book. There is enough material to keep interested musicians busy for years.