The future of the legal profession began 20 years ago. Artificial intelligence question paper pdf technology boom was just beginning with the emergence of email and personal computers.

Jay Leib was working for Record Technologies Inc. 1999, and the company was scanning documents into databases for clients. At one point the company printed and scanned legal documents related to a lawsuit with Microsoft. Leib thought that was inefficient, a waste of time and paper. So he and his business partner, Dan Roth, decided to create a program that would help lawyers manage electronic documents for litigation. Their idea led them to purchase an e-discovery application.

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By 2000, Leib and his partner launched their own creation, Discovery Cracker. Lawyers need tools to keep up with it. Instead of wading through piles of paper, lawyers now deal with terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of documents. E-discovery, legal research and document review are more sophisticated due to the abundance of data. Better tools are needed to truly understand data.