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I’m so excited to finally share this project with you guys! I published this post about my little DIY quote art sign. Don’t ask me why it’s taken me sooooo long to finally get the project and printables done. Anyhoo, I got there in the end, right? And I’m loving the way everything turned out.

Some Googling around revealed that this style of wall art isn’t exactly cheap. Surely I could do a bit better than that. 10 if you’re feeling extra thrifty. I’ve included some savvy tips and tricks in the info below.

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There are heaps of places which offer printing services. You can visit a store in person or use an online upload interface. I personally prefer the ease and convenience of uploading my artwork online then having my print delivered directly to my door. I used the Officeworks Colour Poster printing service. For further printing information refer to my Free Printables series. You could also simply top-and-tail the print itself with some dowels and add a cute twine hanger to make a simple wall chart.

15 at a local discount variety store. The faux wood frame was a little too perfect for my liking so I decided to attempt a farmhouse style makeover. I stained it a warm brown. I wasn’t sure how the laminate would respond to being distressed and stained though it actually worked really, really well!