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Paper read at the conference on ‘Ethnomethodology, an improbable sociology? Formatting the consultation: Communication formats and constituted identities. The first call is in, hallo, it’s Germaine”: Negotiating frames in radio counselling: opening sequences Paper for the conference on ‘Broadcast Conversations: Interaction in the Media’, Roskilde University, Denmark, March  25. Structuring writing for reading: hypertext and the reading body.

Revealing Orders: Ideas and Evidence in the Writing of Ethnographic Reports, Paper read at the IIEMCA conference on ‘Orders of Ordinary Action,’ 9-11 July, 2001, Manchester, U. Sequential structures in doctor-patient interaction: ethnomethodology and history. Producing Recognizable Spring Soundscapes’, paper originally written for a presentation at the 2003 IIEMCA Conference on Producing Local Order, Manchester, U. You comments on any of these papers are expressly invited! I was used to England but more one of good friendship.

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