147 of the Income-tax Act is a complicated basic mechanical engineering by pravin kumar pdf download with a multitude of propositions and a plethora of judgements. The author has used his rich experience as a practicing advocate to cull out all the core principles of law and to present them in a simple and straight forward manner.

The scope and effect of a reopening of assessment is still shrouded in mystery even after various judgments of the Supreme Court and High courts. Reassessment is one of the distinguishing weapons in the armoury of the Department, empowers the Assessing Officer to assess, reassess or recompute income, turnover etc, which has escaped assessment. A number of intricate issues crop up during the reassessment proceedings. 1 It is well known that powers of the Assessing Officer to re-open a completed assessment are not unfertile.

147 and Section 148 of the Act contains the perquisite conditions to be fulfilled for invoking the jurisdiction to reopen the assessment. 2 The general principle is that once an assessment is completed it becomes final. Section 147 empowers the Assessing Officer to reopen an assessment if the conditions prescribed therein are satisfied. The Assessing Officer has to record the reason for taking action under section 147.

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