The foundation of this handbook lies in the supremacy of careful, clinical observation in medicine. The science and application of auscultation, albeit not without its imperfections, represent a learnable, tangible, personal approach to assessment of the heart and books in english free download pdf crucial in medical practice.

Learning Cardiac Auscultation: From Essentials to Expert Clinical Interpretation provides a clinically-oriented approach to the astute observation of heart sounds and other aspects of the cardiovascular examination. It describes key clinical and auscultation features, and clinical clues to the diagnosis. Aloha refers to the divine spirit of love that flows through all things. In this book, you’ll learn how to cultivate the Aloha spirit with Hawaiian philosophy, Ho’oponopono, Lomilomi massage, and other traditional medicine ways.

Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing explores the techniques of several renowned healing systems, including Kahi Loa, Heartworks Lomi, Big Island Massage, Traditional Hawaiian Touch Medicine, and Temple Style Lomi. Join authors Wayne Kealohi Powell and Patricia Lynn Miller, longtime students and practitioners of Hawaiian bodywork and shamanism, as they show you how to create space for miracles and open up to the healing energy of the divine. Worldwide, as many as 293 million people suffer with these conditions. COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in America, claiming nearly 120,000 lives annually. Yet conventional approaches to treatment, with their regimens of drugs and unceasing physical therapy, provide neither cure nor significant relief.

In Natural Therapies for Emphysema and COPD, Robert Green shows that alternative holistic therapies ranging from herbs to homeopathy offer great promise in relieving COPD’s debilitating symptoms. This title integrates basic science with clinical practice and also revised case studies to help readers to take a problem-based approach treatment. Urology provides the simple but authoritative guidance medical students need to get them through the urology sections of their training. Throughout, evidence-based practice is highlighted to ensure the book is also a valuable reference for qualified staff.

This monograph summarizes state of the art knowledge regarding peritoneal surface malignancies, with in-depth description of treatment options and the results achieved to date. It explores the most challenging problems on the basis of the authors’ very extensive clinical experience and examines the most relevant clinical trials. The book, drawing on data from the entire Italian experience as well as world literature, will be an outstanding benchmark for health professionals and researchers. This volume clearly explains the concepts that are central to an understanding of humeral fractures from the proximal to the distal tip. Indications for different forms of treatment, including nonsurgical, are presented in detail, and all of the commonly used fixation techniques are described with the help of high-quality illustrations. Further important aspects such as complications, rehabilitation, and treatment of sequelae are also fully considered. It will be of particular value for orthopedists and sports medicine practitioners, and will provide the information required by trainers and medical staff regarding the traumatic lesions associated with the sport.

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It is also anticipated that the book will assist in reducing the risk of trauma in footballers. Since the first edition, all chapters have been updated and an entirely new chapter is included on pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics. The book will aid pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists and other physicians serving as laboratory directors to understand and carry out their responsibilities. This book is an ideal guide to umbrella reviews, overviews of reviews, and meta-epidemiologic studies for evidence synthesis.

Research is conducted at different levels: primary research consists of original studies while secondary research comprises qualitative reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. Recently, a novel further level of research has been introduced, based on the analysis and pooling of reviews and meta-analysis. Ebook library A book is the best and the oldest way to pass knowledge through ages. More books appeared, more information had to be saved.

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