Please forward this error screen to 185. Please forward this error screen to 108. I have seen lots of people searching books on stock market for beginners pdf free Vedic astrology books. Saravali, Garga Hora, and Horasara etc.

Other than that you will find all four Vedas i. Riga veda, Sama veda, Yajur veda, and Atharva veda and upnishadas. It means that these are the three most important Vedic astrology reads. I hope you will find it useful. Here is the actual link of the page. Keep enjoying the blog and don’t forget to put your comments.

Thanks for such a great information. I have just started learning lal kitab. Can you tell me where can I download Lal Kitab? Your download list has same name for the last two books. I wish to express my gratitude for your generous dissemination.

I can’t see any link to download lal kitab. Your other download links are just great. It is really a good site for new learners like me. It gives a lot of information . I would like to read this site next time also so that i can get more information on astrology.

Thank you very much for the download links. Love and peace and joy to you! Many many thanks for such wonderful information and book links, but please can you provide links for books in Hindi. I will be grateful to you. FROM WHERE I CAN GET PRASHAR LIGHT SOFTWARE FOR FREE FOR WINDOWS XP? Uhave done a very good job for beginners and astrologer. Still u include the mathematical calculations involved in writing and predicting a Horoscope.

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I never forget ur good work in this regard. Thanks for these awesome things,plese tell me form where i can get Lal Kitab? Shivam working with Wipro Ltd . Horoscopes reading and how to prepare. I am totally Zero at Astrology but i know that if i tried then i will do defenitely some gud things in this field too. Hoping early and positive response frmur side. Hey thanks a ton for those great links to such epic books.

Im just in the beginning stages of learning. If u can let me knw any othr references which might help me to improvise, would b great! I find some astrology books in hindi fonts? My father is a astrologer, I want to give him some books to deepen his knowledge.