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For more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. Your web browser may be malfunctioning. Your internet connection may be unreliable. For more information about the W3C website, see the Webmaster FAQ. A standard edition of the Eddukvæði based on Codex Regius. A Christian dream vision in verse.

A standard edition of Snorra Edda, based mainly on Codex Regius. A verse translation of the Disticha Catonis. A fourteenth-century Christian poem by Eysteinn Ásgrímsson. Enumeration of the skalds, with facing neo-Latin translation. An edition of much of the extant skaldic poetry.

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The A volumes represent a loose diplomatic edition. The B volumes represent a normalised edition and Danish translation. The first volume in the series Alfræði íslenzk, an initiative to publish the encyclopaedic works of early Iceland. This volume is a complete edition of the manuscript AM 194, 8vo, now in the Arnemagnæan collection in Copenhagen. The manuscript covers various scholarly topics, from geography to medicine.

This volume contains the three Icelandic computistical treatises, concerned with both ecclesiastical and practical aspects of time-reckoning. Kålund, with a lengthy introduction on medieval time-reckoning by Beckman. Alfræði íslenzk III: Landalýsingar et al. Early Icelandic law in written form. This file is a mirror of the scan provided by Sagnanetið but in a portable format. A work written as an instruction of monarchs, specifically King Magnús Hákonarson.

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