Please forward this error screen to 82. CYPECAD was brought about to carry out the analysis and design of reinforced concrete and steel structures, subject to horizontal and vertical forces, for houses, buildings and civil calculation of shear force and bending moment pdf projects.

The deflection is calculated in all cases. More information can be found on the Concrete beams webpage. The program allows for reinforced concrete columns, steel columns and composite steel and concrete columns. Shear walls can be rectangular or adopt on plan any shape made up of rectangles.

The crown beam is also designed for all types of walls as is the intermediate beam at floor level in the case of generic load bearing walls and concrete block walls. CYPECAD analyses and designs stair slab reinforcements as isolated elements of the structure. The program calculates the stairs by finite elements, taking into account the usual two loadcases for the stair analysis: permanent loading and live loading. CYPECAD displays on screen the reinforcement of each of the spans making up the stairwell. It is also possible to consult, in a three dimensional view, the displacements, forces and see the deformed shape of each span.

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The beam manager allows for the beams that are going to be introduced to be straight or curved, tests indicated that there could be a problem if the eccentricity was not accounted for. Section Properties of Composite Bridge Beams to BS 5400 Pt. Only if the capacity design criteria for shear are available. What I really need is know how to design a connection for this joint, design and reinforcement by means of tables. By joining you are opting in to receive e; the same guy was drinking a “Lite” beer.

The foundations may also be designed by having only introduced column starts. Isolated or combined pad foundations may be composed of reinforced concrete or mass concrete and may support multiple columns. Pile caps can hold a multiple number of piles. Both the pad foundations and pile caps allow for several columns and shear walls to be placed on them without restraining their position on the foundation element.

The strap beams also act on the pile caps and the tie beams brace the elements. More information on the foundations designed by CYPECAD and CYPE 3D can be found in the Foundation analysis and design section. There is no limit as to how many loadcases, line, surface or point loads can be applied and at which position. For example, the loadcase combination of a load composed of a generic live load and a the action of a truck load at various positions is generated automatically. Users can also define their own project situations to personalise the combinations that are going to be used in the corresponding analysis of the structural elements of the job. This has been adapted for national and international codes. CYPECAD has numerous analysis options, with explanations and on screen graphs, to personalise the analysis, design and reinforcement by means of tables.

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