Why Sky appears blue in colour ? Please forward this error screen to 158. Java have been discontinued and instead of these languages Python has been introduced cbse class 1 english book pdf is considered to be more powerful and easy to learn. There were reports that the examination papers for the above mentioned subjects were leaked prior to the exam.

Today CBSE has finally declared that there will not be any retest for class 10 mathematics examination. Even though there was news that the question paper has been leaked with strong evidences but taking due care of the hardships faced by honest students CBSE has finally declared that no retest will be conducted. Following are the clarifications issued by CBSE on change in Curriculum Subsequent to a series of discussions held between NCERT and CBSE, and further directions, certain subjects have been discontinued vide Circular No. After the uploading of the said circular, the queries received from various schools affiliated to CBSE have been compiled in the form of FAQs. Many changes have been made by the government in the recently announced syllabus issued for year 2018 -2019. Change has been made in the school detention policy applicable for Class 1 to Class 8. Under the previous CCE system no students were detained in classes 1 to 8 irrespective of their results.

In order to upgrade the skills and proficiency of the young generation and also to provide them awareness to explore about various career options the Central Board of Secondary Education has started offering 15 Vocational Courses in different sectors at Secondary level and 40 courses at Senior Secondary level. CBSE declared few days back that class 10 Mathematics examination will not be conducted inspite of strong rumours that the Mathematics board exams paper was leaked hours before the examination and was circulated widely in Delhi and Punjab region. The details behind the decision taken by CBSE have now come to light. Stay informed on our latest updates! It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations.

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