Lavender’s Blue Cinderella song lyrics and sheet music “Lavender’s Blue”, free! The vocals with piano accompaniment cinderella pdf free download come in six different keys.

1 MOST POPULAR SONG that I have given my vocalists and younger pianists this year – I knew it was a charming, simple melody, but apparently it has something extra going for it! Although the Cinderella song  Lavender’s Blue is just as pretty with only 3 chords – the I, IV, and V chords – there’s a bit more depth of feeling when you incorporate some secondary chords. Good practice for young players to get away from the I-IV-V7 construction, too! Even though this is, really, a nursery song, it is very appealing and fun to sing.

However, the easy piano arrangements above are not lively enough for a singing performance, in my opinion! My arrangement includes the melody line, as beginning singers usually need this support. 00, with the right of unlimited printing FOR YOUR STUDENTS ONLY. This lovely song is IDEAL for beginning singers. The melody spans only six steps, and repeats frequently, with easy intervals.

A good reason to have it in multiple keys. The interlude in-between each two verses keeps it feeling fresh. Tell young girls that this is the song Cinderella was singing, high up in her room, when the Prince was searching for her, and they will be SOLD. All my singers have loved this piece, which I just started giving them this year. It is available immediately as a digital download onto your computer.

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You don’t have to download any new software into your computer in order to download this PDF. I don’t know about you, but I hate clogging up my computer with yet another program I didn’t know I needed. You just need a version of Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader, which all computers come with. If you DON’T have Adobe Acrobat or a similar program, then you couldn’t download any of my other PDFs either.