Although storage space gets cheaper and cheaper, it seems we always need and want more and more. If that’s the case, storage is even more precious to you and you should try to make every Compress pdf file into smaller size count.

I know mine is filled with over 20 GB of pictures alone. As always, there is an app for that. As a matter of fact, there are probably dozens of apps for that, but the one I use is called Photo Compress, an app which only purpose is to lower file size of PNG, JPEG, and GIF images while maintaining the original dimension, unless you choose otherwise. It might not be the prettiest one out there, but it’s the one that I found works best for me. Step 1: Download Photo Compress from the App Store. It will show all the photo albums available on your device. Open an album and select one or more photos that you want to compress, then tap Select.

Step 3: This is now where you can tweak the level of compression. You have two compression levels available to you: image quality and image size. The more you want to reduce a photo file size, the lower the quality level should be. Likewise, you can choose to reduce the size of images to make their file size smaller. Notice how the app also keeps count of how much space you will save, which can add up pretty quickly if you’re resizing many pictures. Step 4: Tap on the Continue button at the bottom, then choose a destination folder where images will be saved, on top of being saved to your Camera Roll. The app will then work its magic to downsize the file size of your photos.

The more pictures you have to process, the more time it will take. In my experience, the app was very fast at compressing each image, but of course, your mileage may vary. Step 6: You have now the option to delete original photos to save space on your device. Depending on your needs, you may select this option, or tap Finish. Shrinking the file size of your photos can save you tons of space of your device. Of course, to save that space, you will have to delete the original photos.

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And also remember that the more you lower a picture file size, the worse the quality of this image will be. In my experience with Photo Compress, I haven’t really noticed an obvious loss of quality, but if you have a good eye for these kind of things, it might make a difference to you. If that’s the case, storage is even more precious to you and you should try to make every MB count. Get updates directly into your inbox. Apple seeds second beta of macOS High Sierra 10. This website is not affiliated with Apple. When creating a PDF file from a document that contains multiple image, its size might increase to the point where is larger than the original document.