It is not to be confused with public order. This article possibly concept of public policy pdf original research.

This article needs attention from an expert in Law. See the talk page for details. In performing this function, Cappalli has suggested that the critical values of any legal system include impartiality, neutrality, certainty, equality, openness, flexibility, and growth. This assumes that a state’s courts function as dispute resolution systems, which avoid the violence that often otherwise accompanies private resolution of disputes. A judge should always consider the underlying policies to determine whether a rule should be applied to a specific factual dispute.

If laws are applied too strictly and mechanically, the law cannot keep pace with social innovation. Similarly, if there is an entirely new situation, a return to the policies forming the basic assumptions underpinning potentially relevant rules of law, identifies the best guidelines for resolving the immediate dispute. It would completely undermine the enforcement of any law if the person potentially at fault was able to raise as a successful defence that he or she had not been aware of the particular law. I can therefore see no justification in logic, morality or law in affording to an attempted murderer the defence which is withheld from a murderer. Similarly, in many branches of law, the Doctrine of Evasion prevents persons, both natural and artificial, from evading the application of obligations and liabilities already attaching to them. There are policies specific to all the main branches of law. Hence, one of the policies in family law is parens patriae, i.

The policies adopted by states have come into being for several reasons. Some are aspects of the concept of sovereignty and reflect the essence of territoriality. In conflict cases, no court will apply a “foreign” law if the result of its application would be contrary to public policy. This is problematic because excluding the application of foreign laws would defeat the purpose of conflict of laws by giving automatic preference to the forum court’s domestic law. Thus, for the most part, courts are slower to invoke public policy in cases involving a foreign element than when a domestic legal issue is involved. Less controversial is the exclusion of foreign laws that are penal or territorial because they seek to collect taxes due to another state, e. This page was last edited on 6 April 2018, at 14:07.

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