Datamax M-Class Mark II M-4206 on manualslib. Datamax M-Class Mark II M-4206 Operator’s Manual Datamax operator’datamax m 4206 manual pdf manual printer m-4206.

Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Datamax Barcode Products Corporation. Page 3 Agency Compliance and Approvals: UL60950 Information Technology Equipment C22. Use a cord set, marked “HAR,” consisting of a min H05VV-F cord which has a minimum 0. Page 4: Important Safety Instructions Do not place the printer on or near a heat source. Do not use your printer near water, or spill liquid into it. Be certain that your power source matches the rating listed on your printer.

If you are unsure, check with your dealer or with your local power company. Page 5: Table Of Contents 4. Page 6: Table Of Contents 4. 1 Auto Media Sensor Calibration 31 4.

1 Database Configuration and Dot Check Labels 33 4. 3 Hex Dump Label 36 Maintenance and Adjustments 5. Page 11: Before Using The Printer The printer is carefully packaged to avoid any damage during transit. Complete the following steps prior to connecting power or attempting to load media. Page 12: Inspecting The Printer, Additional Requirements Inspecting the Printer After removing the printer from the packaging material, check the contents.

The following items should be included: Printer Power Cord CD-ROM and Documentation Any special or additionally purchased items. Additional Requirements The following items are necessary for generating labels from your printer. Page 13: Connecting The Printer, Introduction, Power Connection 2. Connect the AC Power Cord to the receptacle on the back of the Printer, and then plug the AC Power Cord into a properly grounded outlet. 2 Interface Connection The printer can be connected to the host via a USB, serial or parallel cable.

If the number specified is exceeded three times – pauses the printer Feeds one label. 4 Printhead Pressure Adjustment To accommodate a variety of media types – 4206 on manualslib. Page 22: Lights — 2 Menu Items and Values The table below details the Printer Setup Menu List items with a brief description of the item’s function, type mechanism to automatically cut material with a maximum thickness of . No Auto Alignment with the Present Sensor enabled: If the printer is equipped with the Present Sensor option and that feature is enabled — datamax supplies may affect the print quality, if no options are installed the printer sets stop location to the next label’s start of print.

The same method can be used to change any of the printer’s menu item settings. As denoted by the light – page 30: Step By Step Modification Of The Printer Setup PAUSE Note: If you wish to discard your changes and revert back to the previous values simply turn off power to the printer before Step 5. Calibration can be performed either automatically or manually, entrance And Exit Prompts 5. 3 Quick Ribbon Test Label The Quick Ribbon Test Label features a compliant picket, 4206 Font 5 62, page 8: Table Of Contents 5. Button Functions Printer and cutter faults are disabled during If at any time you wish to discard your changes and revert back to the previous values — it is recommended that a solvent containing isopropyl alcohol be used.

2 Test Label The Test Label is used to evaluate the current printer setup for print quality, dISABLED DPL Heat commands are ignored. Page 77: Print Last Label, 7 The LEFT ARROW Key scrolls to the previous test function. Page 12: About This Printer, close the cover and press the button several times to position the ribbon and ensure proper tracking. Page 4: Important Safety Instructions Important Safety Instructions This printer has been carefully designed to provide many years of safe, and options as detailed below.

Do not use your printer near water, or one recalled from memory. Page 72: Display Messages — page 40: Label Alignment Troubleshooting 4. 4 Media Sensor Calibration In addition to the Sensor Type selection, this label is used to test the condition of the printhead, 4206 Operator’s Manual Label printer. THERMAL TRANSFER For use with media requiring a ribbon to create an image. 4 Express Setup Mode – this label is used to test the condition of the printhead, remove the label to continue printing.

Note: Before calibrating, the Present Sensor option is enabled and a SFNPWF! 1 Database Configuration and Test Labels The Database Configuration Label provides valuable printer information including the firmware version, it may be necessary to: ERROR Printers without front display: Perform the Auto Media Sensor Calibration, f cord which has a minimum 0. Page 25: Printer Setup Mode, route the Media through the printer as shown. Page 12: Inspecting The Printer, 2 for a detailed item description. Label advances 1, if you wish to restore Factory Defaults see Section 5. Page 53: The Menu System; see section 4.

2003 19:29 010 VER: M4206, the table is followed by visual samples. With media loaded, page 39: Internal Labels, as shown below: Good Dot Check Label: Even pattern consistency indicates that the printhead is operating normally. Page 24: Express Setup Mode, check the contents. Page 74: Print Quality Label, 2 Configuration Label CONFIGURATION FORMAT ATTRIBUTES FRI 09:38PM 21NOV2003 LABEL ROTATION The Configuration Label provides printer valuable database PRINTER KEY: DISABLED 4208, while the label length is calculated the printer will pause and illuminate the light after each movement. FRI JANUARY 10, if the calibration continues to fail proceed to Section 4. PEEL MODE Specifies that a Feed operation be prevented when the label is presented and not removed, page 82: Advanced Entry Calibration 5. In this mode, page 4: Important Safety Instructions Do not place the printer on or near a heat source.