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Built from essentially the same blueprints as her sister ship, LZ-129 Hindenburg, LZ-130 was nearing completion at the time of the Hindenburg disaster on May 6, 1937. Originally intended to join Hindenburg in transatlantic service in October, 1937, LZ-130 was modified to use helium after the Hindenburg crash, delaying her first flight. Graf Zeppelin made her first flight on September 14, 1938, under the command of Hugo Eckener, and made a total of 30 flights during her two year career. In addition to propaganda flights over Germany, German-annexed Austria, and German-occupied Sudetenland, LZ-130 conducted multiple military reconnaisance flights including a two-day flight in August, 1939, dedicated to electronic surveillance of Britain’s Chain Home radar network. Germany invaded Poland, beginning World War II, and the ship never flew again. In March, 1940, Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goring ordered the dismantling of LZ-127, LZ-130, and LZ-131, which was then under construction, and by late April the ships had been cut into scrap. On May 6, 1940 — the third anniversary of the Hindenburg disaster — Wehrmacht demolition specialists destroyed the Zeppelin Company hangars in Frankfurt.

There is an angle that has not been pointed out on how one decision could almost backfire disasterously. If General Martini had been successful with his experiments in detecting the British Radar Chain using the Graf Zeppelin 2 and the germans were able to take advantage of the information and exploit it then Secretary Ickes decision to block the helium sale could in the end have had caused very serious issues for the Allies in WW2. Does anybody has an idea if there was any other name planned for LZ 130 initially ? This would have avoided any confusion in names. The LZ 127 was technically revised and it was deciced to stay in service for another 3 years. August 1937 and to go into service in October 1937.

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DZR already started to train additional crew members in order to built up a third air ship crew for summer 1937. I would like to add a help to many in the comments box-one person mentions Harold Dick who wrote a book on his five year time living in Germany before the war started. Two Goodyear engineers lived in Germany, one returned to Goodyear after one year and Harold stayed in Germany for five years before Goering got involved with the German Military using some blimps for rallies and installing radar in some of the blimps. LZ 130 will be more than significant. The original design and all the construction plans of the LZ 130 are obsolet, because today we are faced with new materials, new technologies, very complicated certification procedures and a totally different and international aviation law. To make a long story short, finally ou have to make a fundamental redesign of the airship and the total costs will amount to approx.