Now, easier to find than ever, here debt free spending plan pdf the most-requested articles all in one place. Want to Get Out of Debt? In order to use the excel downloads you must have Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet program installed on your computer.

Gail’s Books – Buy your copy today! Graphic Design by: Inspired by India Inc. Building your own custom spreadsheets is very easy, and although Excel’s price may seem a bit steep, once you’ve learned how to make it do what you want, there’s really no limit to its number-crunching, chart-building, and record-keeping abilities. Especially if you have a 2010 or later version. I consider it to be a fabulous financial tool, and just a “Can’t live without it! But what you’re here for, most likely, are the spreadsheets.

What follows are custom, downloadable Excel spreadsheets which I created for all sorts of things. I created simply because someone, somewhere asked for them. There are a lot of files available — some of which are set up to accomplish tasks you probably never considered! One last note: These might not be the fanciest spreadsheets out there, but on the whole, they’ve helped me tremendously. There’s a lot of power in making numbers do what you want them to do. Before you continue, please read our disclaimer. NOTE: These spreadsheets require at least Excel 2003 to operate.

Some spreadsheets may be downloaded directly from this page. For more on this, please visit my Excel Macros page. I am forever getting Google searches from folks looking for a check register spreadsheet. Mine won’t do what Quicken does, for sure. But if you’re looking for a clean, concise register to track account balances, give it a try. It has a Recurring Transactions Log to help you remember what’s due when, and perhaps most importantly, it gives you the ability to categorize your spending, allowing up to 200 user-entered categories.

The for-pay version adds macros to make the sorting of categories and transactions “one-click” simple. It also adds a tool to help reconcile the account. Download the free version at my Free Excel Check Register page. Since I like to make as few trips to Wal-Mart as necessary, my receipts from there tend to be about 18 inches long. Groceries make up the majority of this, but it’s a pain to separate out everything else by hand or adding machine. So I built this spreadsheet to take care of it.

The latest version uses a one-click macro to clear and reset the spreadsheet when you’re calculating multiple receipts at one sitting. Plus it looks a little better, too. Another check register spreadsheet — but this one’s based on the “envelopes” method of cash-flow management. Note that this one could work as a budgeting tool, as well! Size:   89kb     Macros:   No.