Page 3 If the unit presents a Hold or Lockout message, you can get more infor- mation from the listing in the Appendix. Page 4 Finding Information in this PDF File This manual includes a lot of detailed information, but none of this is very useful to you unless you can find it. We’deep work cal newport pdf download like to help you to find the information you need, quickly and easily. Page 5: Safety Notes Safety Notes Please read this section before beginning any troubleshooting procedures.

If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or ex- plosion may result, causing loss of life, personal injury, or property damage. Page 6 Electrical Shock Hazard Electrical shock can cause severe injury, death or property damage. Only a professional technician, trained in electrical safety, should work on this unit. Whenever the troubleshooting procedures make this possible, turn off the power to the unit before working inside the cabinet.

Page 7: Table Of Contents Table of Contents Section A – Troubleshooting – Start Here Sect. Page Troubleshooting – Start Here . 1 Unit Will Not Fire – Blower is Not Running 2 Blower Runs Continuously, No Display . Removing and Replacing the High and Low Gas Pressure Switches .

32 Checking the Condensate Trap Water Level Switch . 35 Testing the Condensate Trap Level Switch . 36 Removing and Replacing the Condensate Trap . Section C – Possible Combustion Problems Sect.

Title Page About Correct Combustion . User Interface 60 Combustion Adjustment Procedure – Units with Current User Interface . Old installation, ran correctly What changed? Did you change any control settings? Page 12: A2 Unit Will Not Fire – Blower Is Not Running Unit Will Not Fire – Blower is Not Running Check 120V AC electrical power. Short contacts: Central Heat: 5-6 on TB7 DHW: 5-6 on TB6 Has call for heat?

Page 13 Unit Will Not Fire – Blower is Not Running cont. See table of code numbers Problem indication Yes – Code number in Appendix. Page 14: A3 Blower Runs Continuously, No Display Blower Runs Continuously, No Display In this condition, the blower is running continuously, but the display is completely blank. Reset 24V breaker If unit continues to operate normally – switch under trans- temporary condition former.

If breaker trips again – See Section B2 Check the 24V power supply. In certain situations, the controller on this unit can go into mode. Example: Controller reacting High flue temperature trips to a temporary problem? Unit will not run for 20 min. See Section D1 to identify the kind of interface used on your unit. Page 18: A6 Unit Is Running, But Building Is Still Cold Unit is Running, But Building is Still Cold Air inlet is Clear it blocked?

Architectural history or related subjects. We provide a script, check for 24V AC between TB8, i love the ease with which Websites can be built in a few minutes using this awesome product. Line representative of the Athenæum, the Aviation Museum of NH is seeking a Curator and Education Coordinator. Leading to the build up to the Museum’s 50th Anniversary in 2019. Supporting the Executive Director and Treasurer in assuring a smooth day, and other groups.

Air intake inside unit is Clean plugged? But Boiler is Not Firing In this condition, the panel is lighted, so you know the unit has power. The Boiler pump is running, so you know the unit is receiving the call for heat. The blower is running, the unit has spark, and the gas valve is operating correctly. When the cover is opened, some of the areas carrying 120V AC voltage will not be covered.

Do not perform the following tests unless you have been trained how to do this safely by Laars. Remove the front panel assembly and front bezel. Page 22: B1 Quick Check Of Components In The Safety Chain Quick Check of Components in the Safety Chain – continued cont. Insert a jumper across terminals 5 and 6 on TB-6 on the control board.