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Elive provides an intuitive experience in a fully complete system ready for the daily use. The desktop is a very customized version of Enlightenment which offers a light and beautiful experience that works great in even the oldest computers, and uses Debian as base to provide a perfectly stable and powerful system. It can be run directly in Live mode without the need to install having an own guided persistence feature, and if you want to convert your computer in a powerful workstation our very friendly installer includes much features to ease the process. Elive is a mix between an easy to use system for non-experienced users and includes incredibly useful tools for the advanced ones, this hybrid comes in the form of a clean and beautiful desktop yet powerful to do any task. Don’t waste your time trying unsatisfying distros, get Elive entirely cost-free now! Dear users, I have seen on internet over the years some complaints about the donation policy in Elive that were required to install the stable versions.

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