InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with different types of tiles pdf, products, or services discussed at this website. Cork floors, Painted Floor Canvas, Floor Tiles. This document describes the history of resilient floor tiles and sheet flooring, including the production and ingredients in asphalt-based floor tiles and vinyl-asbestos floor tiles.

We list companies producing floor coverings along with historic dates and types of products manufactured. What is the history and age of asphalt flooring? What is the history and age of vinyl-asbestos flooring? How were asphalt floor tiles made? List of companies that produced asbestos-containing flooring products. We also provide a MASTER INDEX to this topic, or you can try the page top or bottom SEARCH BOX as a quick way to find information you need. Vinyl-Asbestos Floor Tiles This article explains the origins, history, production, and ingredients of asphalt-based and vinyl-asbestos based resilient flooring.

ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE COMPOSITION – comparing the most-common forms of asbestos found in ceiling tiles, fire-resistant sprays, and floor tiles. ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE LAB PROCEDURES – photos of how vinyl asbestos flooring is analyzed in the lab. See ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE IDENTIFICATION PHOTOS 1951-1980. Definition of resilient flooring “Resilient flooring” is defined as materials softer than the non-resilient flooring materials such as stone, slate, brick, ceramic tile that we list just below. Resilient flooring materials include organic types of flooring: asphalt based floor tiles, rubber floor tiles, vinyl-asbestos floor tiles, linoleum, and plastic tile.

Definition of non-resilient flooring: Ceramic tile, stone tile, slate or brick. Non-resilient” flooring is defined as hard surfaced flooring material such as stone, brick, slate, or ceramic tile. Asbestos Floor Tile Companies Major resilient flooring manufacturers or retailers whose products are believed or known to have included asphalt-asbestos or vinyl-asbestos flooring included the floor covering producers discussed below. The material did not perform acceptably as a roof covering, but it led to the development of asphalt floor tiles. 1920 in New York City’s Western Union office. The product was very successful and by 1936 over four million square yards of asphalt floor tiles were being sold annually.

Rosato, shows an Armstrong asphalt floor tile installation. 1940’s saw a tremendous expansion in the sales of this flooring material, largely because other materials were more difficult to obtain. She found remnants in the bottom of a kitchen cabinet on which was imprinted “Armstrong”. While the reader referred to this as “Armstrong Congoleum sheet flooring”, Armstrong and Congoleum are separate individual companies. The sheet flooring shown at left is identified as an Armstrong resilient flooring product. Amitco Flooring Amitco International, another larger producer of floor tiles has operated from 1964 to the present.

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