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August 2017 sees the launch of the fifth To Hull And Back Short Story Competition, an annual short story contest with a humorous twist that celebrates the most imaginative and amazing short stories from writers all over the world. What can you win by entering this competition that contends with these short story prize giving heavyweights? THE most amazing, innovative and sought after writing prize on the planet. Admittedly, I may have slipped into sales-pitch-chaos-mayhem-overdrive-mode whilst writing the opening paragraphs, but I firmly believe that I can live up to expectation. But it doesn’t end there, my fine writing friends, oh no, not by a LONG shot. You Will Be Published All winners and short listed entries will be published in the To Hull And Back Short Story Anthology.

This will be available as a professionally published, printed book and as a Kindle download. The book will have an ISBN number. If you’re published in the book, a writer’s profile will appear alongside your story and on my website. This will consist of a delightful picture of you, a short bio telling readers all about how amazing you are and details of your website, if you have one. In addition to this, an author interview with the winner will be published alongside their story. You Will Win the Most Awesomely Awesome in its Awesomeness Writing Prize in the Known Macrocosm This is the bit that will send tingles down your spine.

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