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Are you afraid to visit the dentist? If so, then you are not alone. Most people feel anxious about a visit to the dental surgery, but for around one in ten the very thought of undergoing a dental procedure is the source of genuine, total fear. Dental phobics are people whose innate discomfort with the idea of visiting the dentists is so strong that it keeps them away – even when they are in great pain. In order to maintain ourselves at optimal health, it is important to be checked by a doctor or dentist on a regular basis, and if a procedure is needed, to undergo it. Otherwise, we are storing up greater problems for later on. However, dental phobics are unable to process the fact that a small degree of discomfort now could offset a large degree of pain or ill health at a later date.

Some people who are afraid of the dentist have not attended a dentist for decades. Psychologists rank people’s concerns about attending the dentist into four categories, each with its own difficulties and solution. The majority of people feel some degree of anxiety while visiting the dentist’. Nervousness defines the situation where people are slightly afraid of what is going to happen when they attend the dentist. Normally, such people are in control of their own feelings and are able to suppress such feelings of anticipation.

Dental anxiety is the term used to describe imagining pain during a dental procedure. This is the situation where people, when asked by the dentist to attend for a filling, anticipate the sensation of the drill boring into their tooth. This is not usually a serious complaint and most people who experience anxiety will overcome it themselves and attend their dentists anyway. Dental fear describes the sensation of feeling pain during a dental procedure, even if that pain does not exist. To some extent this can be psychosomatic, as dentists will invariably attempt to use suitable pain relief.

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