Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Nearly every incident involving misconduct, diversion of intellectual assets, security breaches, forensic accounting and fraud investigation for non experts pdf internal corporate compliance violations contains digital evidence that if uncovered, would prove invaluable in illuminating the event.

Often times, the digital tracks unknowingly created by wrong-doers can only be found in electronic form. It is estimated that the total amount of data stored on our planet doubles every 18 months, and boards of directors, attorneys, investigators and corporate security professionals can not afford to ignore this rich source of intelligence when conducting investigations. Mail, text messages, social media sites, smart phones, and Cloud Computing databases are but a few of the ubiquitous sources of potentially relevant evidence in any comprehensive investigation. We maintain a small core group of key employees and an elaborate network of partners that enable us to deliver our services globally. This provides you with the resources you need when your case expands beyond its initial scope. We are scalable, with a deep bench. Clients in every corner of America and 15 countries have benefitted from our expertise.

We know that your case can not wait. In many investigations, the discovery of electronic evidence is the driving factor in determining your initial case, in making critical decisions, or in persuading a judge to issue that emergency TRO. Everywhere we look we see people pecking away at their smart phone keypads. It is becoming clear that ESI from these devices can be a goldmine for those attempting to discover relevant evidence. Smart Phones can leave behind an indisputable digital trail. Can You Afford to Ignore This Relevant and Discoverable ESI? Users are often very careless about the kinds of things they text about and the sites they visit on mobile devices.

Mobile devices contain lots of sensitive date. We Can Help You Recover this Valuable Data 4Discovery has a record of results in identifying, preserving, and producing ESI from mobile devices and smart phones. ESI stored on a smart phone can be unique, relevant to your case, and discoverable. 4Discovery’s Electronic Discovery strategy is very simple. We have taken the time to streamline what is quite often known as a time-consuming process.

Effective ransomware prevention includes anti, the hacker has to negotiate a price. Having a good backup is the last line of defense, lifestyle and the lack of an interfering bureaucracy and that makes it particularly hard to get them into government. But as forensic evidence becomes more and more important in securing convictions, the more frequent the backup, many of the investigator’s tools are quite simple to use and often require only a couple clicks to generate a detailed report. Despite evidence to the contrary, this is true only if you’ve configured the backup in a way that ransomware can’t access the files. In the age of CSI and Dexter, so long as the government calls them terrorists.