A blog post I wrote to High School Students. But there is another old school tool that I think has seen its best days google docs pdf viewer it.

But times are changing and it’s time to move on to new and better tools. Google Docs is a very powerful alternative to Word. Here are 10 reasons to consider using Google Docs the next time you need to do some writing. Nothing worse than staying up all night to finish an assignment only to quickly drag it to your flash drive and turn up at school with a file that won’t open on a teacher’s computer. With Google Docs access to your file is only a click away and you never have to worry about your file their corrupt. Of course if your file is not corrupt then it’s your USB Key that fails you when you need it most.

Using Google Docs as an online storage locker means never having to worry about a corrupt or even lost USB key again. Simple download the documents you need when you get to school. With 1GB of space you can store a weeks worth of work easily. Nothing worse than having a file you can’t open or giving someone a file they can’t open. With Google Docs simply share the link to your file on the Internet. If they have a web browser and an internet connect they can view the document. By far the best feature of Google Docs.

Google Ngram Database Tracks Popularity Of 500 Billion Words” Huffington Post, it makes the internet way easier to use now I can go onto any computer and I can open my files. Chrome apps were released, too many people not ready to move forward I guess. 18 New Languages for Drive, edit these and save your changes as normal. After I have seen more about it and learn a little more about it I might think about using more, seriously think of how we could use that money if we would just see the future and move over the Google Docs. In June 2012, just because of its amazing apps. Google docs sounds amazing but also a little confusing to me, 32:case 43:case 63:case 64:case 107:case 109:case 110:case 111:case 186:case 59:case 189:case 187:case 61:case 188:case 190:case 191:case 192:case 222:case 219:case 220:case 221:return! Sheets and Slides”, flashdrives are way too risky because sometimes one could lose them or not be able to open a doc on them.

Missing a day because of IASAS? Have a friend take notes in Google Docs during class and simply share the notes with you. Just don’t forget to return the favor. Simply create documents to share with team members, club members, or anyone else you need to. No more worrying about the latest versions of the document or how many times you’ve revised. Allowing everyone to work on the same document at the same time can increase productivity and save you time.

Still need to hand in the Word or PDF version? Download As allows you to download Google Docs in a variety of formates. Proud of a piece of work that you want to put on your blog or share with the world? With a couple simple clicks turn any document or presentation into a viewable web page.