The MMS Architecture is the set of standards used by the Multimedia Gsm architecture pdf free download Service in mobile networks. The standards are prepared by 3GPP.

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MM3: the interface between MMSC and other messaging systems. The MM1 interface is based on the WAP protocol. It includes the PAP notifications that are transformed to SMS’s by the WAP gateway for the notifications. MMS storage database, two components of an MMSC platform. MM4 is the interface used to exchange messages between two different MMSCs.

The communication over MM5 Interface is generally to fetch the routing information. MM5 has been defined by the 3GPP in TS 23. It is based on SOAP with attachments, using HTTP as the transport protocol. HTTP request shall be a POST. The message is a MIME which encapsulates the SOAP envelope and the encoded attachments. The SOAP envelope is an XML where tags are the MM7 protocol data. MM11 is designed to ensure compatibility of transcoders with MMSCs.