For other people named George Blake, see George Blake. British spy who worked as a double agent for the Soviet Union. He became a Communist and decided to work for the KGB while a prisoner during the Korean War. Blake was born in Rotterdam in the Guy delisle pyongyang pdf download in 1922, the son of a Protestant Dutch mother, and an Egyptian Jewish father who was a naturalised British subject.

While in Cairo, he was close to his cousin Henri Curiel, who was later to become a leader of the Communist Democratic Movement for National Liberation. When the Second World War broke out, Blake was back in the Netherlands. In 1940, Germany invaded and quickly defeated the Dutch military. Blake was interned but released because he was only 17. He joined the Dutch resistance as a courier. For the rest of the war, Blake was employed in the Dutch Section. The Korean War broke out on 25 June 1950 and Seoul was quickly captured by the advancing Korean People’s Army of the North.

After Britain entered the war on the side of the South, Blake and the other British diplomats were taken prisoner. At a secret meeting arranged with his guards, he volunteered to work for the Soviet Union’s spy service, the KGB. In an interview Blake was once asked, “Is there one incident that triggered your decision to effectively change sides? Following his release in 1953, Blake returned to Britain as a hero, landing at RAF Abingdon. Until Blake’s treachery was discovered, this operation had been hailed as a resounding success.

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It is claimed that in the course of nine years he betrayed details of some forty MI6 agents to the KGB, destroying most of MI6’s operations in Eastern Europe, though this remains unsubstantiated. In 1961, Blake fell under suspicion after revelations by Polish defector Michael Goleniewski and others. Five years later, on 22 October 1966, Blake escaped from Wormwood Scrubs prison with the assistance of three men whom he had met in jail: Sean Bourke and two anti-nuclear campaigners, Michael Randle and Pat Pottle. Bourke had smuggled a walkie-talkie to Blake to communicate with him whilst in jail. It was decided that Blake would break a window at the end of the corridor where his cell was located. After the escape, it became apparent that the safe house Bourke had organised was not suitable, as it was a bedsit that was cleaned by the landlady once a week. Blake and Bourke moved in with Pottle, staying with him while preparing to get through customs and escape to the Soviet Union.