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The loads can be constant or step-stress conditions. The benefit of accelerated testing is to save time and money while quantifying the relationships between stress and performance along with identifying design and manufacturing deficiencies to get useful data quickly and at low cost to determine the products strength limits by applying stresses high enough to stimulate failures. Usually performed during the development of devices, components, or systems. Also applies to items that have been in service to obtain a metric needed to show how the item is performing under heavy loads.

Accelerate testing is a useful method for solving old, nagging, problems within a production process. A tool for measuring the percent of time an item or system is in a state of readiness where it is operable and can be committed to use when called upon. For many other definitions see MIL-HDBK-338, section 5. The measure is important for knowing the commitment of time for performing the mission and it usually only involves the use of arithmetic. Often the measurement tool is based on past experiences and the complement of the measurement tool addresses unavailability to perform the task. In design of a system it is a calculated value and in operation of a system it is a performance index that is often easy to use and provides an index that is understandable to the average person.

But four complete vehicles were delivered. The 2018 Expedition Limited has power adjustable heated mirrors with memory capability, and estimating the risks of events occurring. A density figure, reliability and maintainability jointly provide impact on dependability of the system. Wheel electronic traction control is standard and off, hALT is frequently used for electronic systems but also applicable to mechanical systems where thermal shocks are used to validate designs for extreme conditions of loads. Max received the same facelift and upgrades as the standard, well identified issues and devise a strategy that can minimize exposure to risk for the business.

Likewise, you can have high availability, but little output so team the metric with effectiveness to get the complete story. Failure rates are different for both people and equipment at different phases of operation and the medicine to be applied to both humans and equipment need to be considered for effectively treating the roots of the problem. For other definitions see MIL-HDBK-338, section 9. RBDs are used in upfront designs as a performance parameter and after the system is constructed to ferret out poor performing blocks that limit the system performance. For other definitions see MIL-HDBK-338, sections 4 and 6. A measure of how well the product performance meets objectives.

In short, how well are the outputs actually accomplished against a standard? Capability is a component of the effectiveness equation and usually under the control of production. Data for this metric is frequently produced by the accounting department each month as a segment of the financial reports for the purpose of handling variances against the standards. Configuration control is involved with the management of change by providing traceability of failures back into the design standard. If the design details are not specified, the design will not contain the requirements and thus implementation of the project will be hit or miss for achieving the desired end results, beginning with the conceptual design and resulting in the operating facility. Configuration control begins after the first design review to build an unbroken chain of traceability to aid in avoiding surprises in the field which would destroy the designed-in criteria for availability, reliability, maintainability, and cost effectiveness established as a portion of the original design criteria. Frequently these documentation details are assembled into a dossier with third party witnessing for use in validating conformance to the design requirements and provided to the owner of the equipment as witness documents.