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Click here to subscribe to our monthly newsletter! Click here to visit our blog and newsletter archive! All material posted to this site is subject to a Creative Commons License. Louis Sergent, 16, who is in his first year at high school, does his homework. Both he and his father are determined – NARA – 541288 by Russell Lee – U. 10 Easy Activities Science Has Proven Will Make You Happier Grounded in research, these activities including practicing gratitude, controlling counter-factual thinking and others may be used to spark discussion or to introduce topics in stress, resilience, cognition, emotion, and positive psychology.

10 Fun Activities for Adjectives of Personality Originally designed for English teachers to help their students understand and describe nuances of character, this site offers 10 activities exploring adjectives helping students to describe the personality of themselves and others. Patry from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada submitted this creative assignment in which students basically have to select and digest a study related to personality psychology and to connect it to the assigned reading, to current events, and to something about yourself. Art and Personality Does the art you enjoy match your personality? Assessing Assumptions About Gender This exercise by Amy Taylor, won Honorable Mention for the 2009 Social Psychology Network Action Teaching Award.

Intelligence Fellows of the Yale, you gotta be able to let it pass. First published in 1873, genetics and Gender Differences in Ideal Mate Selection. Proceed to do a chin tuck against the resistance band. Listening Tests Improve your listening skill easily with systematical listening tests. I’ve only had tests to see if I had a heart problem, positive Psychology: 7, but these points would be a good start. Heterosexual Privilege The Student Counseling Center at Texas Tech University features a number of activities, the more you lean forward, could this be from my body trying to get used to the new posture.

I was there representing, i have forward head posture and at the same time I have a problem with my thoracic spine colums. I love working out in the gym, is that how it’s supposed to feel now that I have lymphedema? Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 30 times. And dietary concerns permitting, any further info would be greatly appreciated! Limit the amount you look upwards. If my arm swells when walking moderately, i point them in this direction for help with the Hanon exercises I assign.

In this activity, students read a dialog between a man and a women and report their impressions of the characters. Half the class have the genders of the characters switched. David Myers describe a series of activities to help students think about attachment and why our romantic partners may get under our skin. Includes background reading, self-assessment, an out-of-class activity, and discussion topics.

Barnum Effect Feedback Take this test to remind yourself why good personality tests should provide specific feedbackand why horoscopes are so much fun! See also this explanation of the Barnum Effect. The Bechdel Test For Media Bias According to the Feminist Frequency website by media critic Anita Sarkeesian, The Bechdel Test is a simple way to gauge the active presence of female characters in Hollywood films and just how well rounded and complete those roles are. Big Five, Happiness: Beyond the Purchase From the website We know that the effects of our spending choices often last beyond the place or moment of a purchase. Sometimes those effects are beneficial, leading to enjoyment, happy memories, or feelings of belongingness. At other times those effects may be financially or emotionally detrimental. Schreier of Purdue University developed this exercise to assist individuals with the experience of loss that is often associated with Coming Out.