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Все права защищены, материал предоставлен только для ознакомления. The semiotic tradition explores the study of signs and symbols as a significant part of communications. As different from linguistics, however, semiotics also studies non-linguistic sign systems. Italian semiotician and novelist Umberto Eco proposed that every cultural phenomenon may be studied as communication. Morris followed Peirce in using the term “semiotic” and in extending the discipline beyond human communication to animal learning and use of signals.

It is possible to conceive of a science which studies the role of signs as part of social life. It would form part of social psychology, and hence of general psychology. It would investigate the nature of signs and the laws governing them. Since it does not yet exist, one cannot say for certain that it will exist. But it has a right to exist, a place ready for it in advance. Cited in Chandler’s “Semiotics for Beginners”, Introduction. University of Tartu in Estonia in 1964 of the first semiotics journal, Sign Systems Studies.