In statistical mechanics, a microcanonical ensemble is the statistical ensemble that is used to represent the possible states of a mechanical system which has an exactly specified total energy. All other microstates are given a probability of zero. In the kerson huang statistical mechanics pdf of this process, the microcanonical ensemble is obtained. In practice, the microcanonical ensemble does not correspond to an experimentally realistic situation.

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With a real physical system there is at least some uncertainty in energy, due to uncontrolled factors in the preparation of the system. Besides the difficulty of finding an experimental analogue, it is difficult to carry out calculations that satisfy exactly the requirement of fixed energy since it prevents logically independent parts of the system from being analyzed separately. Systems in thermal equilibrium with their environment have uncertainty in energy, and are instead described by the canonical ensemble or the grand canonical ensemble, the latter if the system is also in equilibrium with its environment in respect to particle exchange. A microcanonical ensemble does not evolve over time, despite the fact that every constituent of the ensemble is in motion.

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