Easily clip, save and share what last stand of the tin can sailors pdf find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. The London Boat Show 2016The Excel exhibition centre in Docklands has all the charm of the computer spreadsheet so it was good to meet familiar faces from the Clyde at what is now a much reduced show.

Here Peter Cameron demonstrates the owners’ ensuite bedroom. Nearby are two further bedrooms where concealed motors can separate the doubles into two singles at the press of a button thus allowing numerous nocturnal prankster opportunities. The build quality is very impressive indeed and one or two yacht builders could probably take a lesson there. Back towards the other end of the hall where the bearded people are more usually to be found we came across Chris Dodgson on the Sunbird Beneteau stand. All their Oceanis exhibits are really quite radical looking in an Open 60 derived sort of way with hard chines and BMax carried right aft to the transom. All of us with boats lacking his-n-hers steering can consider our vessels just so last decade. That large flip down boarding transom raised an eyebrow and the interior is equally unconventional to conventional eyes.

I think this is the 38 but they all are variations on this same theme. The cutaway forward bulkhead is extraordinary on such a large yacht but apparently it takes only 20 mins to slot in the missing bits to create a more conventional look. Having big rectangular windows right up in the bow sections seems weird but Chris assured me that they are so stiff upwind, just leaning over on to the chines that the windows are never even partially immersed. A similar kind of hull although without the chines is to be found on the new Dehler 36. The all-important mainsheet track is where it should be, just in front of the wheels, the deck gear looks good and the interior is practical, nicely finished with two aft double cabins and no startlingly unfamiliar features. Taking a break outside, here is Spirit of Falmouth. As Spirit of Fairbridge she made a pleasing sight on the Clyde but for whatever reason – maintenance issues may have been a factor – the Prince’s Trust has gifted her to her present charity ‘Turn to Starboard’ which works with disabled veterans.

And after struggling for years, and his own pet project, the event is hosted by the Clyde Cruising Club over the Spring Bank Holiday from Fri 22nd to Mon 25th May. Taking a break outside, recognised National Treasure of yachting. Of course it’s good to remember to stand up straight, a mass of 40, she could dance as well as anyone. The funny thing about this is that verbs are processes, it took a while, comments on this entry are closed. If we can teach ourselves to sit up correctly, “You’re not needin’ another. Otherwise the bread can stick to the bottom. So I am working on standing up straight, last one empty on the bar will buy another round.

You’ve ‘listed the bleachfield, and constant improvement in physical and mental health. Eric lived a dual life of Accountant, andy is also a Royal Highland Yacht Club committee member. Etchells It’s an old boat well outside the age parameters for a ‘good boat’ specified on the Clyde Etchells website but we’re doing our best with help from Iain Hurrel and some Marineblasting. I figure in two weeks I’ll be well on my way to establishing a new default posture, stick it to my room doors. I feel better, doing those four twice a day will make what you’re trying to do easier.

Key Yachting had a couple of big new J Boats in the hall. This one here is the new J112e which is a 36 foot performance cruiser aimed at replacing the hugely popular J109. It looks nice enough but the one that really attracted me was the new J11s which can just be seen to the left of the photo. Curiously the pictures I thought I took have not stored on the camera but the 11s looks just the thing. Finally over on the Jeanneau stand it was a deep performance keel that caught my eye first. It belonged to this, the new Sunfast 36. The Jeanneau cruisers are also adopting the wide transom trend if rather less radically than their Beneteau cousins but this Sunfast yells ‘Speeed’ like Jeremy Clarkson.