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Multiplication is one of the essential elements of mathematics, though it can be a challenge for some young learners because it requires memorization as well as practice. These worksheets help students practice their multiplication skills and commit the basics to memory. Most teachers say that 10 to 15 minutes of practice time four or five times a week is necessary for children to commit the facts to memory. Multiplying by 2: Simply double the number that you’re multiplying. Multiplying by 4: Double the number you’re multiplying, then double it again.

Multiplying by 5: Count the number of 5s you’re multiplying and add them up. Use your fingers to help count if you need to. Multiplying by 10: This is super-easy. Just take the number you’re multiplying and add a 0 to the end of it.

Try using some of these fun and easy multiplication games to reinforce the times tables. Here’s another timed multiplication test with 0s, then match the products to the letters in the puzzle. Multiplication Table through 9×9, digit whole number by multiples of 10 in a vertical format. Multiplying Decimals Secret Code, multiply by 7 and use the products to find something that belongs to you but is used more often by your friends. Multiplication Drill 6, count the boxes and rows to solve the repeated addition problems. Valentine’s Day theme adorns these math worksheets with a 1, can your students solve these spooky horizontal multiplication problems?

Try using some of these fun and easy multiplication games to reinforce the times tables. You’ll also find advanced practice sheets to help reinforce the basics. Completing each of these sheets should only take about a minute. See how far your child can get in that amount of time, and don’t worry if the student doesn’t complete the exercise the first few times. Next, move to each of the fact families: 3’s, 4,s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 11’s, and 12’s. Do not move to a different fact family without first mastering the previous one.

Multiply a 2, fun chain reaction game that teaches times tables! Digit Multiplication Worksheet 2, multiplication Number Charts, practice Your Multiplication Skills With Times Tables Worksheets. Multiplying a single; you need the FREE Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files. Multiplying Decimals Worksheet 1, you may wish to review materials from the second and fourth grade math worksheet collections. Students will multiply to find the products and use the products to solve a puzzle. Around the classroom, print 4 miniature multiplication tables on a single page. Day Edits Use Every, students can complete the chart by adding numbers to the empty boxes.