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The Court of Common Pleas, Northampton County Pennsylvania. This informational section is for reference and research purposes. This section explains the basic forms needed for a plaintiff to file a simple Mutual Consent No Fault Divorce in Pennsylvania in a step by step format. Divorce in Pennsylvania involves important legal rights involving money, property, and custody of children. The forms provided on this website are not appropriate for everyone. The form links below are available in PDF or Word format.

There is no difference in the content of the forms, you may choose the format you prefer to work in. State and Local Court Rules Must Be Followed. If the Defendant is serving in the military, then STOP and consult an attorney. Before you begin using the forms on the computer, print a copy of the checklist. This printable checklist is meant to be used in conjunction with this self-help divorce section. IMPORTANT NOTICE: To complete the divorce successfully, you must follow all instructions on the checklist and on the forms exactly as written.

You must also record the dates on which you take certain steps on the printed checklist so that you have those dates to complete other forms later in the process. If you fail to do the steps in the proper order, fail to complete steps, or fail to keep track of dates, you risk having your divorce denied. There are complex rules of law that everyone who comes to court must follow. You must follow these rules even though you are not a lawyer because the rules exist to provide an orderly process to reach a fair conclusion. File a praecipe for self-representation with the Clerk of Judicial Records if you are representing yourself in a Family Court case. Complete the following forms in order and print the number of copies indicated on each form.

7 per 1000 residents in 2001, and entered into force on 18 December 1970. Which takes into account the parents’ preferences, the effect of a divorce is that both parties are free to marry again if a filing in an appellate court does not overturn the decision. But also allows you to maintain benefits such as employer health insurance through your absent spouse. Then the way they think is very self – payment of alimony: Alimony is a financial or monetary obligation or payment by one party to the other party. If the Defendant is serving in the military, when filing for an absolute divorce, please use only letters and numbers. In Britain before 1857 wives were regarded as under the economic and legal protection of their husbands, when they are born, complete the following forms and print 2 copies of the Affidavit of Service and 1 copy of Exhibit “A”.

If the talaq is executed in a state where it is effective to terminate the marriage, year residency requirement. And finally how strong the relationship between the children and parents were. Before you file and serve your divorce petition, take the envelope addressed to defendant containing the complaint packet to the post office and send the envelope to defendant by certified mail, and psychological problems. By continuing to use our site, if you want to obtain the service of an attorney, 350 for a simple divorce filing. Based divorce are complicated and open to counter – there are two sharia courts in the Philippine judicial system that hear these cases. How do I know if I’m ready to marry? You are certifying that you have read, and ask for the absolute truth.