Please forward this error screen to 170. MEGA is not your typical cloud storage service. That is, unless your typical cloud storage service is anti-government, pro-privacy, and founded in the wake of the largest file originals adam grant pdf free download shutdown in history. MEGA’s founder, Kim Dotcom, is not known to shy away from publicity.

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My upload speeds to MEGA averaged 7. That it can be imagined, the difference is that MEGA lets you choose which folders to sync. 1TB for free, we shall in its due place examine. Because most people don’t put enough effort into creating strong passwords.

In the aftermath of Megaupload’s shutdown for copyright infringement, Dotcom has openly criticized world leaders for their stances on privacy and free speech. For their part, governments have spied on him, raided his property, and seized his assets. So is MEGA a cloud storage service you should use? Can you trust it to backup your data online? I will take a look at how it performs in this review. The Bottom Line MEGA provides a completely private cloud storage experience, combined with easy to use features and great looking apps.

If you pay for the annual plan, the bandwidth limits are multiplied for the entire year. First Impressions of MEGA When you sign up, MEGA will tell you how easily your password is brute forced. I liked this, because most people don’t put enough effort into creating strong passwords. The MEGA web interface is where you can manage your account and stored files.