Precertification of speech therapy may be required in certain plan pathophysiology of bell’s palsy pdf. Speech therapy also may be a limited benefit. Often, in Aetna commercial HMO-based plans, the benefit is limited to a 60-day treatment period. The treatment period of 60 days applies to a specific condition.

Coverage for speech therapy benefits under traditional plans range from a defined number of visits per year to unlimited benefits. Benefit levels are determined by the particular benefit plan selected by the employer or contract holder. Please check benefit plan descriptions for details. Speech therapy services must be performed by a duly licensed and certified, if applicable, provider. Speech therapy services must be provided in accordance with an ongoing, written plan of care that is reviewed with and approved by the treating physician in accordance with applicable state laws and regulations.

When multiple therapies are used, each must have separate written treatment plans and must provide significantly different treatments and not be seen as generally duplicating each other. Maintenance programs such as drills, techniques, and exercises that preserve the member’s present level of function and prevent regression of that function do not meet Aetna’s contractual definition of medical necessity. Maintenance begins when the therapeutic goals of a treatment plan have been achieved and when no further functional progress is apparent or expected to occur. Speech therapy is considered not medically necessary for dysfunctions that are self-correcting, such as language therapy for young children with natural dysfluency or developmental articulation errors that are self-correcting. Most Aetna plans exclude coverage of educational training or services. Under these plans, speech therapy that is provided in an educational setting is excluded from coverage. The member has been evaluated by a qualified speech-language therapist who has determined that a treatable communication problem exists.

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Speech therapy for idiopathic delays in speech development is considered experimental and investigational for infants and children younger than 18 months of age because idiopathic delays in speech development can not be reliably diagnosed or treated in the prelingual developmental stage. This is usually used in the transition of the member from hospital to home and is an extension of case management services. In Aetna HMO and QPOS plans, such short-term speech therapy accumulates towards the 60-day limit or other applicable rehabilitation benefit limits. Aetna considers facilitated communication experimental and investigational for all indications because its effectiveness has not been established. See CPB 0648 – Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Aetna considers altered auditory feedback devices experimental and investigational for stuttering and all other indications because of a lack of evidence in the peer-reviewed published medical literature on the effectiveness of these devices. For criteria for augmentive and alternative communication devices, see CPB 0437 – Speech Generating Devices. Aetna considers auditory verbal therapy experimental and investigational for all indications because its effectiveness has not been established. CPB 0668 – Auditory Processing Disorder. There is inadequate evidence of the effectiveness of facilitated communication.