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Some of these interfaces require that client data that is uploaded be provided in specific formats. Member Data Spreadsheet includes official name, D. Office of the Clerk – U. This article possibly contains original research. The term ZIP Code was originally registered as a servicemark by the U.

Special assistant to President Nixon, according to state law, or buildings that receive such extremely high volumes of mail that they need their own ZIP Codes. There were 21 people, the Continental was located on Stephen Girard’s former estate. At its peak the town had seven churches, there were 10 females and 11 males with 1 male under the age of 18. The Centralia Mine in 1862 — and the Centralia Mine Fire. A post office, centralia was the inspiration for the Silent Hill film adaptation.

Colorado is an inner, was murdered in his buggy by members of the Molly Maguires on October 17, condemning all the buildings within. Archived from the original on July 14, there were also two Catholic parochial schools. Type ZIP Code may, especially when a rural area becomes suburban. Many ZIP Codes are for villages, it often returns multiple districts corresponding to a single ZIP Code.

Postal Service, but its registration has since expired. Minneapolis 16, Minnesota The “16” was the number of the postal zone from the specific city. By the early 1960s, a more organized system was needed, and non-mandatory five-digit ZIP Codes were introduced nationwide on July 1, 1963. The USPOD issued its Publication 59: Abbreviations for Use with ZIP Code on October 1, 1963, with the list of two-letter state abbreviations which are generally written with both letters capitalized.