Riders on the storm book pdf up to receive e-mail notifications about regulations. The following is a list of all administrative regulations promulgated by the Alabama Commissioner of Insurance. The regulations are listed in order by regulation number.

Regulations that have been repealed or that are otherwise no longer in force have been omitted from this list. If you do not know the specific number of a regulation, please use your browser’s “Find” feature to search for specific words that may be included in the description of a regulation. Included is a link for the full text of the regulations. The link will be in the column on the right titled “Format of Link” and will take you to either a “Word”, “Excel” or a “PDF” file. Guidelines to Advertisers Regarding the Offering of Free Gifts, Benefits, etc. This is the form used to apply for MGA Appointment. This is the MGA contract insurers must use.

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This form is used by insurers to cancel an MGA appointment. Use this form to apply for Reinsurance Intermediary License. Criminal History Disclosure and 18 U. A CHRISTmas Hating Jew Is Foiled!