SSB interview tips, Officer Self defense for gentlemen and ladies pdf Board Tips, preparation, SSB Interview experience, procedures, questions, examples, link for SSB books, videos, elaborate description of psychological tests, group task process and defense jobs in India. Group Tasks are held during the third and fourth day of the selection process. Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise.

Snake Race or Group Obstacle Race. Let we see in detail about each tasks followed by its procedures, approach and tips. Group Discussion is a discussion between group of persons about a topic which usually ends with a solution. In day 3, the GD is the first and important of the Group Task process. As this shows many of our OLQ to the GTO. Usually two GD’s are held at a stretch. The topic given for the first GD will have three options to select    and the topic given for the second GD is compulsory one.

The group is divided in 8 or 12 or 12 based on the order of the chest numbers. The GD’s will be held at a stretch with a little time gap. Three options are given for the first G. D and the candidates have to chose one from that. In this scenario the candidates have to discuss within themselves to choose the topic which most of them are agree.

Then after that he orders the candidates to start the discussion. After the finishing of the first G. O gives 2 minutes gap and gives the second topic which is compulsory topic. The time give to think about this topic is only 3 to 4 minutes and he starts to observe the group. The duration of both the G. D will be 10,15 or 20 minutes.

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First for a good human with good qualities, he should be able to put his points in front of others or in a group. This is what expected in defense officers also, since he should command his man at normal time or at the time of war. So he should be clear in expressing his thoughts and give good points at discussion even under pressure. For all these sakes, GD is conducted. Listening to the group members point. Expressing one truthfully in the group.