We have found a simplified aircraft design for homebuilders pdf home! Complete kit for certified aircraft which includes G5 instrument, backup battery, installation kit, and STC redemption code. If no certified GPS source is installed in aircraft, you are required to install a GA 35 antenna for the WAAS GPS source.

See Accessories for part numbers and pricing. Garmin is pleased to announce the FAA approval of the G5 electronic flight instrument in type certificated fixed-wing general aviation aircraft. Garmin-held STC for hundreds of certificated fixed-wing aircraft models. The latest revision of the installation manual may be obtained at fly.

Absolute single best upgrade you can do to your plane! Just installed in my Husky after waiting 3 months for availability. Screen is very small, essentially with the speed and altitude tape, it reduces that attitude indicator to about 2 inches square. Great unit but really for VFR only or use as a backup instrument. Due to small size, it would make IFR work a strain. I can only imagine how buggy your eyes would be after an hour in the soup staring at this unit. Who keeps their eyes inside for attitude on VFR flights?

I installed for greater situational awareness for IFR flights. Greatly simplifies my visual scan of instruments. Heading and altitude bugs come in very handy. CDI is also available when linked to a GTN making shooting an approach even easier. I previously posted comments but have had problems since posting.

5 degree roll to left in level flight. I do notice from time to time it leans off 3-5 degress to the right . Not confident in this unit for IFR flight. I would strongly consider the Dynon unit. I have both the G5 HSI and PFD installed. I cant say enough nice things about them.

Not too cluttered, not to sparse, intuitive. I have a fairly popular youtube video up showcasing both. Purchased to replace a failed turn coordinator in a friends Cherokee 140. Easy install and a no-brainer upgrade versus repairing 60 year old technology.

He will likely install the second unit to replace the DG in the future. Regarding the Garmin G5 Flight Instrument: Is the optional GPS antenna a required component to use GPS-derived groundspeed and track information? Or is it only needed in case the built-in GPS doesn’t get adequate reception? The external GPS antenna is required if you do not have a panel mounted WAAS GPS source to connect to. Does this have outputs to drive an autopilot? If yes, does it command roll steering? The Garmin G5 will not interface with certified autopilot systems.

Only the experimental version can be integrated with the Garmin G3X autopilot. 795 is not considered a certified WAAS GPS source. In this case, you would need the GA 35 WAAS GPS antenna for the certified source. What additional hardware is required to connect to a GNS430W for a GPS position source? In order to connect the two, you will need to connect the RS-232 data cable to the G5. Will the Garmin G5 interface with most autopilots?

I have a KLN 90B GPS installed in my Cessna 182. What additional equipment will need to be purchased to install this unit? The KLN 90B is not an approved GPS source for the Garmin G5. You would need to install the GA 35 WAAS antenna.

You will also need the hoses, fittings, and wiring to connect the unit to your pitot static tube and aircraft electrical. I have seen the G5 configured as a HSI instrument. Is this application FAA Approved yet? HSI information cannot be displayed on the STC’d version of the G5.

Yes, we have added the Garmin G5 AML to the ‘Documents’ tab of the web page. Please provide a copy or link to the AML. Can the G5 be used as a backup instrument to a non-Garmin glass flightdeck? If not, are their plans for backup version in the near future? No, the G5 cannot be used as a backup. If I am installing this equipment in an STC approved certificated aircraft, will I have to go to an installing dealer to obtain the STC permission letter or will this document be supplied in the box? The G5 electronic flight instrument for certificated fixed-wing aircraft includes the G5, install kit, back-up battery and STC permission letter redemption code.