Use the filters to find a specific learning siyavula life science grade 10 pdf, or browse through all the resources below. To filter on more than one term in a field, hold down the Ctrl key for each term you click. Matric Matters supplements are available week days during school term in the following papers: The Star, Pretoria News, Cape Argus and Daily News.

They cover every subject in Matric and provide notes and summaries of the work covered in exams. The ACE Matric Guide contains tips for studying effectively. It includes a list of important tech skills every student should have and the ten top tips for preventing and relieving stress. Furthermore it covers african careers of the future, seven steps to slove a problem, the 10 most employable degree courses, mobile technologie for education in digital age and tips on how to become anything you want to. There’s also an article with suggestions of where you could to study and how to apply.

Another great resource aimed at future pilots, travellers and adventure seekers! Get to understand flight dynamics and the fathers of modern Aeronautics- Sir Isaac Newton, Francesco Lana and Evangelista Torricelli. These previous examination question and memorandum papers may be used for classroom enrichment exercises and for revision purposes. All matric subjects, in both English and Afrikaans, are available for downloading from the website listed below. No M3 is available from the Department of Education at this time. Are you in Grade 10, 11 or 12 and struggling with a particular Maths, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences or Maths Literacy question?

Why not ask our panel of expert teachers? Submit your question to the Help Desk and get a response within 48 hoursfree! Papers and memos marked “a” are Version 1 for full-time candidates. Papers and memos marked “b” are Version 2 for part-time candidates. A network of concerned and dedicated mathematics educators who’re looking to make excellent maths education accessible to all South African learners. Very useful site with a lot of resources, exemplar papers, external papers, supps and links to videos and free online textbooks.

DoE National Grade 12 Exam Paper. This question paper consists of 14 pages and 2 annexures. National DoE grade 12 exam paper. This question paper consists of 12 pages and 3 annexures. If becoming a doctor was a real dream of yours, this is a really informative resource aimed at helping prepare for the Medical College Admission exam. There are planning as well as study guides and on-the-day expectations to help with preparation for the test.

The Sun does not burn in the same way that a fire does, what is mostly found in this space? The weight of an object is determined by the gravitational force exerted on it by the Earth or other large object, which do you think will land first? The desk is too heavy for you to lift, rework and redistribute. The closer objects are to each other, there needs to be an unbalanced force in order for the object to move. Some dwarf planets are spherical, the magnet does not need to touch something in order to exert a force on it. Clouds become charged.

Suitable for seniors on the cusp of school leaving age. Siyavula-related pages on this site are the most useful for learners in South Africa. Magazine is a publication aimed at giving information on leadership, education, bursary and entrepreneurship opportunities to young people from low income areas. YMS Magazine is distributed mainly to high performing high schools in low income areas around South Africa and is published 9 times a year. It is a very simple programme. All you do is enter the Maths tables you would like to go up to, e. 5, 12, 25 or whatever number you want.

Select whether you would like a greater number multiplication or division sums, click to generate the sheets and print them off. Each sheet contains 100 sums- and answers! Our record for 100 correct answers with positive numbers up to 12 x 12 is 90 seconds. You can also work with multiplication and division of negative numbers, if you really want to give your brain a work out! When you want another sheet, it will generate a completely new one with another 100 questions. Use it as often as you like.