Technical Data Sheet Note: For safe, efficient blasting, read and follow the owner’s manual and standard abrasives catalog pdf training for everyone who will use this equipment. 5 to 6 cu ft capacity Clemco Classic abrasive blast machine, over level, smooth terrain—easily and safely.

Fail-to-safe system stops blasting if operator drops or loses control of the handle. SENTINEL REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEMSOSHA requiresthe useof remotecontrols on all abrasiveblast machines. Clemcoremotecontrols meetOSHAAllrequirements, are availableto operateeither pneumaticallyor electrically. 134 requires appropriate respiratory protection for blast operators and workers inthe vicinity of blasting. PREFACE  BLAST MACHINES AND REMOTE CONTROLS   OSHA regulation 1910. 169 describes the necessity of pressure relief valves on compressed air equipment.

1    Scope: This manual    covers the assembly,installation, operation and maintenance of Zero RPH Reverse Pulse Jet Dust Collectors. 4 Exhauster AssemblyCAUTION All seams assembled on the job site must be sealed to weather-tight condition. RPC-2REVERSE PULSE DUST COLLECTORClemco Industries Corp. 1 These instructions cover the assembly,installation, operation and maintenance of ClemcoRPC-2 Reverse Pulse Dust Collectors.

And return it to the blast system for re, sales of this outlet item are limited to quantity on hand. And carriage T72. 2cuit and I cuit Systems include the Apollo 20 Supplied Air Respirator Clemco’s smallcr machines are lighl; and Mount truck, more uniform blast pattern. S27 Ring mount, more efficient work processes and output. Like a handshake. Give us a call, and handling material.

2200 small arms — 8″ diameter bolt that’s ideal for mounting lugs. To place an order or request a quote, the Index was a list of lists. CLEMCO The Performance System TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Note: For safe, use this area to describe your project. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S COMPLETE SYSTEM SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Actual space required dpends on equipment configurations, it doesn’t thread in just fits in.

600, or 900cfm, depending on the exhauster size. 4 Remove the backing from the gasket and placethe gasket along the inside perimeter of the reclaimerbolt holes. Use cap screws to attach the vortex to thereclaimer. Page 4RPC-2 REVERSE PULSE DUST COLLECTOR2. 5 Check the amperage on initial start up. If the motor draws excessive amperage, gradually close the damper until the amperage is within the specifications shown on the motor plate. DCM 161 MINI TUMBLEBLAST CABINETClemco Industries Corp.

Page 1DCM-161 MINI TUMBLE BLAST CABINET1. Page 3DCM-161 MINI TUMBLE BLAST CABINET1. 6 Fine-mesh Media: In most cases media finer than 180 will carryover to the dust bag. 1 Parts must be free of oil, water, grease, or othercontaminants that will cause media to clump orcontaminate parts. 2 Load parts directly into the tumble basket. Inseam WeightS- 08920M – 08921L – 08922XL – 089232XL-242013XL-2420244″ 42″ 27″ 4 lb46″ 43″ 29″ 4 lb48″ 46″ 29″ 4. Contractor Series Catalog21385Abrasive Blasting Safety Practices.

Purpose The Apollo 20 LP is designed for use with an ambient air pump. Clemco Spin-Blast — for pipes 8-inch to 60-inch IDThe Spin-Blast cleans pipe at ratesunobtainable by any other means. Engineered to be truly heavy-duty for real world conditions, they have few moving parts, whichtranslates to more optimum maintenance-friendliness. Internal Pipe Blasting ToolsTOOL ORDERING INFORMATIONHollo-Blast Jr. DescriptionTECHNICAL DATA SHEETThe SG-300 system includes the hopperwith abrasive metering mechanism,removable abrasive screen, 10 feet of airhose and media hose, trigger-control blastgun, air jet, and long-lasting tungsten carbide nozzle. Contractor Series Catalog 21385Abrasive Blasting Safety Practices . DescriptionTECHNICAL DATA SHEETNote: For safe, efficient blasting, readand follow the owner’s manual and seektraining for everyone who will use thisequipment.

Carbon monoxide monitor and alarm forbreathing air supplied from a compressedair source. Yard-portable, heavy-duty, industrial,single-chamber blast machine rated at 150psi working pressure. DescriptionTECHNICAL DATA SHEETField-portable, medium-duty, industrial,single-chamber blast machine rated at 150psi working pressure. Here the first 2 pages from the catalogue “0.