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The world is in no position to face major, new shocks. The financial crisis has reduced global economic resilience, while increasing geopolitical tension and heightened social concerns suggest that both governments and societies are less able than ever to cope with global challenges. Yet, as Global Risks 2011, Sixth Edition shows, we face ever-greater concerns regarding global risks, the prospect of rapid contagion through increasingly connected systems and the threat of disastrous impacts. Two risks are especially significant given their high degrees of impact and interconnectedness. Economic disparity and global governance failures both influence the evolution of many other global risks and inhibit our capacity to respond effectively to them. Illicit trade, organized crime and corruption are chronic risks that are perceived as highly likely to occur and of medium impact to experts interviewed for the report. As a highly interconnected nexus representing the illegal economy, however, experts see these risks as of central importance to the global risk landscape.

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Since 2006 the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks report has provided a unique and timely analysis of the risks that are shaping the global environment. Underscored by an unprecedented pace of change, stakeholders from across business, government and civil society face a new imperative in understanding and managing emerging risks. Global Risks 2011, Sixth Edition provides a high-level overview of 37 selected global risks as seen by members of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils and supported by a survey of 580 leaders and decision-makers around the world. This report aims to enhance understanding of how a comprehensive set of global risks are evolving, how their interaction impacts a variety of stakeholders, and what trade-offs are involved in managing them. Global Risks 2011, Sixth Edition is a useful tool for policy-makers, CEOs, senior executives and thought leaders around the world.

It aims to equip institutions to understand and respond to global risks and to embrace change as a source of innovation. Most importantly, I hope that focusing on the critical connections between key global risks, stakeholders and decision-makers will inspire all to engage collectively in efforts to improve the global system’s overall resilience. The RRN will build on the understanding embodied in Global Risks 2011, Sixth Edition to provide a platform for our Partners and constituents to collaborate in multistakeholder efforts to shape a more secure, innovative and resilient future. I hope you find the report both informative and provocative.